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Project Members

Name (Apache ID) Github Org Role
Alan Gates (gates) Hortonworks PMC
Aman Sinha (amansinha) MapR PMC
Ashutosh Chauhan (hashutosh) Hortonworks PMC
Chris Baynes (cbaynes) Contiamo Committer
Christian Beikov (cbeikov) Blazebit Committer
Edmon Begoli (ebegoli) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Committer
Francis Chuang (francischuang) Boostport Committer
Gian Merlino (gian) Imply Committer
James R. Taylor (jamestaylor) Salesforce PMC
Jacques Nadeau (jacques) Dremio PMC
Jess Balint (jbalint) Stardog Committer
Jesús Camacho Rodríguez (jcamacho) Hortonworks PMC
Jinfeng Ni (jni) MapR PMC
John Pullokkaran (jpullokk) Hortonworks PMC
Josh Elser (elserj) Hortonworks PMC
Julian Hyde (jhyde) Hortonworks PMC
Kevin Liew (kliew)   Committer
Laurent Goujon (laurent) Dremio Committer
Maryann Xue (maryannxue) Intel PMC
Michael Mior (mmior) University of Waterloo PMC Chair
Milinda Pathirage (milinda) Indiana University Committer
MinJi Kim (minji) Dremio Committer
Nick Dimiduk (ndimiduk)   PMC
Nishant Bangarwa (nishant) Hortonworks Committer
Slim Bouguerra (bslim) Hortonworks Committer
Steven Noels (stevenn) NGData PMC
Ted Dunning (tdunning) MapR PMC
Vladimir Sitnikov (vladimirsitnikov) NetCracker PMC
Volodymyr Vysotskyi (volodymyr)   Committer
Zhiqiang He (zhiqianghe) Huawei Committer

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists for Calcite:

You can subscribe to the lists by sending email to {list} and unsubscribe by sending email to {list} (where {list} is either “dev”, “issues”, or “commits”).


Need help with Calcite? Try these resources:

  • Mailing Lists. The best option is to send email to the developers list All of the historic traffic is available in the archive. To subscribe to the user list, please send email to
  • Bug Reports. Please file any issues you encounter or fixes you’d like on the Calcite Jira. We welcome patches and pull-requests!
  • StackOverflow. StackOverflow is a wonderful resource for any developer. Take a look over there to see if someone has answered your question.
  • Browse the code. One of the advantages of open source software is that you can browse the code. The code is available on github.


Want to learn more about Calcite?

Watch some presentations and read through some slide decks about Calcite, or attend one of the upcoming talks.

Apache Calcite: One planner fits all

Voted Best Lightning Talk at XLDB-2015; [video], [slides].

Streaming SQL

At Hadoop Summit, San Jose, CA, 2016 [video], [slides], [pdf].

Cost-based Query Optimization in Apache Phoenix using Apache Calcite

At Hadoop Summit, San Jose, CA, 2016 [video], [slides], [pdf].

Planning with Polyalgebra: Bringing together relational, complex and machine learning algebra

As Hadoop Summit, Dublin, 2016 [video], [slides].

More talks